Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gregg Farris Inspirational Award

The group has been coming to fish the waters here at Ross Lake for a quarter century. Brad Luce seated on the right and his good friend since high school John Kloess, seated on the left, have made every trip for 25 years.

The trophy, "the Bobo", named after the groups good friend Greg Farris who passed away in 2000, is awarded at the end of each trip to the individual who has inspired the group by doing something humorous or embarrassing (I read that to also mean something dumb perhaps - nah 15+ plus guys away from home, away from spouses and kids, fishing, eating red meat, grillin' wild trout, telling lies, living in close quarters - couldn't happen).

I played and toured with my rugby mates for 25 years, I think I understand.

I'm going to check with Brad to see if the trophy was ever awarded for excessive snoring? Like keeping the bunkhouse awake next door type snoring? Or maybe intergalactic travel without a space vehicle? Sounds like more than a few good stories!

I would imagine that the good times and memories enjoyed by these fishers would fill several scrap books.

And I believe that each year Greg is toasted and remembered frequently by his good friends up here.

It's all about long term friendships and having a history together.

Life is short, congrats on 25 years fishing the waters of Ross Lake in the heart of North Cascades National Park.