Saturday, June 26, 2010

Did Anyone Mention That Fishing Season Opens July 1?

No seriously? Have they?

Ross Lake Resort Photo 2009

Dear Tom, Can we drive to Ross Lake Resort? Sorry No. Ummhh, ahh, well, let's see, how do I answer this?

It is a truth, all roads don't lead to Ross Lake Resort.

The Hozomeen Road ends miles to the north.

The dam road is not accessible by vehicle that hasn't been barged in first.

Except. well there was this one time when everyone was surprised many, many moons ago by a couple of wild and crazy guys.

By the way,  Carol politely but firmly suggested that they could check their own darn tire pressure after their snickering request for full service.

Ross Lake Resort File Photo

She forgot to ask them what kind of mileage and speed they got hitting the head winds on Diablo!

I imagine it was a bit like driving west on I-80 across Iowa in a 63 VW Camper on a warm summer afternoon. 

Except perhaps for the water splashing over the hood.

Click on Ross Lake Resort File Folder

Also, here is an image one of the resort's regular guests provided. See - no roads!
I'll provide the photographers name forthwith.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Guess what happens on July 1st????

click on picture

Jeff Whiteside knows how to fish for wild rainbow trout on Ross Lake.  He studies the trout, their feeding habits, the lake - basically he studies everything.  

And then he adjusts his fishing style and technique to the environment and situation he is in - that's called being smart, intuitive, sensitive - he is a craftsman.

Many that fish these waters are like Jeff - fishing to you represents more than just passing time. 

Fishing is more than a hobby.  It challenges you, it stimulates creativity  - it is a cerebral awakening.

At the end of your fishing session, when you step out of the blue boat in front of your cabin, you may not have caught the fish that you see in your mind's eye. But you know one thing with absolute certainty..........

......... you've won.

Haven't you.

You have developed a 'sense of place' about the North Cascades, North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake.

We lead short lives,  we need to reward ourselves with a connection to these experiences, to these special places, with friends, with family.

We welcome you back to these beautiful waters.

New Updates for Kayakers and Canoers

Just a couple of quick updates:

A new phone will be set up in the next week at the site of the new boat dock for calling the resort for portage service.  This will eliminate the need to hike up to the top of the road to Ross and call the resort when you need to transport your kayaks and canoes.  That is excellent news for everyone and is quick response by Seattle City Light helping everyone enjoy their experience in the North Cascades.

Thanks SCL!

Also Pete from Vancouver wrote asking for information on where to park when he comes up to kayak for a week later in the summer.

Good question!

The official launch point for canoes and kayaks is over at the Colonial Creek boat launch  There is a parking lot there for everyone visiting the lakes in that manner.

Tom mentioned that yesterday afternoon was the biggest haul of the year and all went smooth.  Basically the only difference is that there is one more lift of everyone's gear.  But things are running well.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warning - The Previous Post is Subliminal Messaging - Warning

This is the blog police.  Disregard the previous posting it is a serious attempt at planting a message in your brain that you will have no control over.

To de-program yourself:

Stick your right arm straight out in front of you thumb pointed up.

Press thumb forward

fishing season opens soon
  • Keeping elbow in same position and as a pivot bring hand back toward ear - stop at the 2 o'clock position
  • Keeping elbow in same position and as a pivot bring hand forward to eleven o'clock position
  • Repeat on count of one bring hand back to 2 o'clock say out loud two -three
  • Forward to 11 o'clock on count of one say out loud two-three
  • repeat 
  • repeat fishing season opens soon
Repeat over and over for 5 minutes and you will slowly begin to deprogram yourself - it is important to establish the count of one-two-three

If still confused watch the opening 15 minutes of 'A River Runs Through It' until deprogramming is programmed effectively. (no wait disregard the last half of this last sentence - after the italics) because fishing season opens soon


Fishing season opens on Ross Lake soon.