Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catch and Release?

Editors Note:  I've broached the subject of catch and release above a certain size as a possible means of enabling the wild Ross Lake Rainbows to flourish and create a trophy fishery.  Amongst fly fishermen catch and release is a common practice.

Congrats to those of you that caught these big fish.  Remember how just a few years ago we were scratching our heads hoping to catch a 13 incher?  So we would really like some feedback from many of you about implementing a voluntary program next season?

Would you provide feedback please.  We want to keep this as totally transparent as possible with all of you Sportsmen getting involved with your ideas.

thanks - Paul

From Josh Runestadt

Hey Paul,
I agree with your sentiment about Ross Lake being a special place! My family used to make trips yearly when I was younger and have only just started returning (this being the second year in a row).

I am a flyfishing junkie and fish catch and release always unless I catch a hatchery Salmon or Steelhead. I would totally support Ross Lake being Catch and Release. Ross Lake could probably turn into a real trophy fishery.

I do understand campers wanting to keep a fish for the fry pan, but I do cringe a little when I hear people talking about how big and how many of those recovering wild rainbows they caught and brought home.


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