Friday, October 1, 2010

Sustainability of Large Wild Ross Lake Rainbows

I don't know quite how to broach this subject because I don't want to upset anyone, but I know that the people that come up and stay at Ross Lake Resort year after year after year do so because they love this resort, love the lake and love the surrounding mountains, so  I will bring this to a discussion level that anyone may want to participate in.

This year has been an incredible year for fishermen on Ross Lake - everyone seems to be very happy.

Wild Ross Lake Rainbows over the last 5 years have grown from an average size of 12 -13 inches to 14 to an average now of 15 or more inches.

Many large fish have been caught.  Including a 25"+.  I saw and photographed some beauts.  I applauded and celebrated with you for catching those trophy Wild Ross Lake Rainbows because I know that you have fished here for a number of years when it was lean.

But you still came back because of your love for Ross Lake, the Resort, and the North Cascades.

No one knows - the best fishermen, scientists, Fish & Game, National Park Service, and most certainly not me - what the sustainability of these large Wild Ross Lake Rainbows is going to be if we continue to harvest them in the years ahead.

So I throw out to you - the Ross Lake Fishing Community:  Should we as a fishing community, friends who have been coming here year after year through good fishing and lean years, open the discussion and look at a voluntary program of catch and release on these large Wild Ross Lake Rainbows?

Before it becomes a sustainability issue.

Before scientists make a recommendation.

Before Fish and Game or any agency feels it is necessary to regulate further?

I think as Sportsmen we all know what that answer is or should be.

I think it is a golden opportunity to do something special for an area we love so much. a payback for what was given to us.

Again I applaud each of us that have hooked or netted these beautiful large Wild Ross Lake Rainbows.

Maybe if we do this small but significant gesture, Ross Lake will become known for the large Wild Ross Lake Rainbows for years to come.

I look forward to a discussion with anyone that has an opinion, trollers, fly fishermen, die-hards, professionals, once a year people.

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