Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Andy and Tamara Bennett

Every time I visit Ross Lake Resort I meet interesting and really nice people. I suppose it is normal that people on vacation are relaxed and friendly but there is something about this resort that generates a sense relaxation or peace that I don't find other places.

Maybe it is the uniqueness and history of the floating cabins, or sitting in the middle of the North Cascades, or knowing so many of the guests that keep coming back year after year.  Maybe it's the adventure of getting here - not all that difficult but certainly a different experience - being so close to the metro areas of Seattle and Vancouver B.C.

This trip is no different.  Strolling down the dock I met Tamara and Andy Bennett from Seattle.  They were sitting out in front of their cabin enjoying their time together sitting in the adirondack chairs reading by candlelight in the deep, deep twilight of this North Cascades evening.

We started talking and I discovered that Andy is a blogger on several sites of his own.

Andy owns and operates 4 fishing lodges in Alaska, British Columbia, the Bahamas and Chili through his company Deneki Outdoors

Check out his website and blog on www.deneki.com he has a good blog going and also is an excellent photographer.

Good writing, good photography, good fishing advice and tips!  Can't get much better than that.

Glad to meet you Tamara and Andy!

I plan on reading your blog regularly.

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  1. Paul, it was a pleasure to meet you and the rest of the team at the resort. Tamara and I had a great couple of days - it's a beautiful and incredibly relaxing spot, and a really easy trip from Seattle.

    We'll be back!



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