Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our New Water Taxi

© Paul K Anderson
Many of you may have seen our new water taxi this past summer!  I'll take more about it in the future but for now here is a nice photo taken by Paul last September.

Family Skiing at the Mt.Baker Ski Area

© Paul K. Anderson

Greetings from the Barnett family at Ross Lake Resort!

When things are slow around here in the winter,  we take time as a family to go skiing. 

West-northwest of here across the Picket Range, as Raven flies, is our local ski area - the Mt. Baker Ski Area!  

Each February the ski area hosts the Legendary Banked Slalom, one of the best snow board races anywhere.  

Competitors come from around the world to participate in this challenging event!

This year we had the pleasure to watch my cousin's son, Odin Barnett, take third place in his division!

My cousin Jerry and his wife Allison worked here at Ross Lake Resort years ago when Odin was still running around in diapers.

Odin and his brother Bodie are frequent models for our friend and photographer Paul Anderson.

As a side note for the backpackers amongst us, when the snowpack recedes, an excellent multi-day backpack begins or ends just a few miles down the hill from the ski area.  From the Hannegan Campground, trek across to Hannegan Pass, down and along the Chilliwack River Trail to the Whatcom Pass Trail and finally up and down Beaver Pass.  It's a 37 1/2 mile journey from Hannegan Campground to Big Beaver Landing on Ross Lake. We will be glad to pick you up in our new water taxi and bring you back to Ross Lake Resort where you can hike out to the Highway 20 overlook or ride in our truck down to Diablo Lake and the boat ride back to our designated parking area.