Friday, October 2, 2009

Christine Gedye/Edge of Light

all images © Christine Gedye

Christine Gedye visits Ross Lake Resort each September with her husband to celebrate their anniversary.

They enjoy kayaking up the Ruby Arm and capturing the quality of the light in photographs. Over the years they have captured hundreds of images in bright specular light, in sublime mist, moody weather, on the cusp of changing weather, flat high overcast light, and the light at various times of day.

From those images, and from memories of emotions felt while paddling through this landscape, Christine created a seriesof paintings from the Ruby Arm.

Several of these paintings will be part of an exhibit at: The Fountainhead Gallery 625 W. McGraw Street in Seattle. 206.285.4467.

The exhibit is titled: Christine Gedye / Edge of Light. October 8th to November 2nd, 2009

I strongly encourage you to attend the preview this Thursday night, October 8th 5-7 PM or the opening reception Saturday October 10th 5-7PM. Christine extends her personal invitation.

As you can see from these paintings, Christine is passionate about her art, and like each of you who regularly read this blog, she is also passionate about Ross Lake and the North Cascades.

Congratulations on the exhibit Christine. Your paintings are beautiful and capture the emotions so many of us feel here at Ross Lake and at the edge of light.

You may preview her other images at: 
The Fountainhead Gallery is at:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ken Burn's Film on the National Parks

Please don't forget to watch every night this week.

The film is excellent.

Way to go Ken, your artists and historians!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twilight Shot II

©Paul Anderson

Ruby Creek Art

Photos © Paul Anderson

Andy Goldsworthy has inspired many people to create art outdoors that has little or no impact on the environment but helps satiate the creative drive we all have.

Good friend Jerry Wilbour (as a younger man Jerry spent months living and camping in this part of the North Cascades building and maintaining trails) and I, his son Curran, and my son Dyan headed out to do some exploring, to build a cairn.

At the head of the Ruby Arm, just upstream from where the creek enters the lake, backpackers, day hikers, kayakers and boaters have created a small gallery of cairns that have but a brief existence. Wind, fall and winter rains, snow, spring floods and gravity will soon remove all trace of these masterpieces.

We spent a couple of hours on this morning relaxing and spending time with the boys. Just guys out building stuff and dinking around.

The Back Door

© Paul Anderson

If you hike over to the dam you'll get on the trail here. Hike a few hundred yards west towards the dam and then follow the switch back east to gain elevation. If you continue to follow the shoreline you will end up in a series a gullies. That is not the way.

Don't worry as you hike east because you need to get above those gullies, you will shortly access the main trail and can then head west towards the dam or east to Green Point and the Sourdough Trail.

Ask for directions from the staff if you have any questions.