Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Blue Boats Retire

So I know you have been wondering, "what happens to the legendary, handcrafted, Ross Lake Resort Blue Boats when they retire?"

Well, if you are a good, hard working, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous boat like hull number 78, you are selected to join the working staff and spend many graceful years moving cabins, delivering firewood, shuttling back and forth between the various shops and serving the community of Ross Lake Resort with style and dignity.

Legendary hull #78 with Adam Bloom at the helm.


If you are shifty, fast, always looking for a party, never checking in with the office until the wee hours, always looking for a wake to jump or a doughnut to perform - there may be only a dismal and glum future for you!

Like hull number ............. 101!

Hull # 101 - the Hunter S. Thompson of hulls! 
Notice that diabolical, grinning, pumpkin
 in the background! What stories is it holding back?

What path will you follow young hulls?

The choice is yours!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freshly Painted Blue Boats

A new season and another batch of freshly painted boats await the guests arrival.

Winter Hibernation

Shortly after Halloween, when the resort is closed for the winter, the staff move the cabins and buildings out to the log boom, winterize the resort and hunker down to await the inevitable storms.

After this last burst of activity everyone can catch up on some well needed rest, go on their vacations and then slowly begin the process of preparing for the next summer opening.

It begins a period that is almost like hibernation, the pace slows, phones ring less, everyone lingers longer over that hot cup of coffee.

Ross Lake Resort follows a process that is typical to seasonal resorts around the world - except that everything is self contained on floating rafts.

After the holidays, the pace begins to quicken again as furniture is refinished, several new boats are built, and decking planks are replaced.

In April as the weather begins to warm with sunnier longer days, major outdoor projects start.

In May activity dramatically increases and the resort is returned to the summer location and work is non-stop until early November.

Here are some images of the resort in the winter location.

all photos ©Paul K Anderson

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock Slide

Ross Lake Resort Announcement

Ross Lake Resort is pleased to announce that they have begun transitioning to new 4 stroke, 9.9 horsepower Yamaha outboard motors.

Over the next two years the goal is to complete the transition of Ross Lake Resort boats to the new motors.

Le Bateau Bleu Detritus

The agent for Tombio Barnettii is pleased to announce the sale on TomsList of another of Mr Barnettii's famous pieces of art.

In the manner of Andy Warhol and created in much the same way Chilhully creates his posters for glass pieces, Mr Barnettii has shaken the art world by creating Le Bateau Bleu Detritus.

Critics are hailing his innovative and daring combination and use of fabrics,  plastique, and water colors.

Mr. Barnettii offers this starting at $17, 360.00.

thank you for your interest.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Richardsonius Balteaus - National Park Service Fisheries Study

                                                            ©Paul K Anderson

Every trip to Ross Lake Resort I end up meeting very interesting people.  Artists, musicians, incredibly talented fishers, craftsmen, National Park Service People.

This trip was no different.

Meet Ashley Rawhouser of the National Park Service, Professor Leo Bodensteiner of Western Washington University, Professor Ruth Sofield of Western Washington University, and Carmen Welch who is working towards her Masters Degree at Western.

Carmen is studying Richardsonius Balteaus eating habits - this information could be useful to understand the effects on the native rainbow and bull trout populations.

For several days they set nets in various locations on the lake.  The shiners were sized, categorized and documented.

Later Carmen will remove the otolith (ear bone) to more accurately age the samples.

Then she removes the guts of her sample group and documents if the shiners are eating insects, algae, or zooplankton.

Good luck on the study Carmen, we all wish you the best.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Tom

Tom Barnett, owner of Ross Lake Resort - one of the hardest working, nicest guys I have ever met.

I have a hard time describing what he does because it is nonstop every time I see him.

Yesterday for example:

I hike in and he runs the boat over to pick me up.  We rush back so he can start planning wood, then he is running around getting parts, material and tools for everyone and he knows exactly where everything is.

He fixes one thing after another, finishes one job and is told the sink is backed up.  Works on that for a while then heads back to the wood shop.  On the way he picks up some cleaning solution and prepares the steel roof panels so they are ready for Adam and Mark Bloom who are installing the new roof on the gas shed.

Back to the wood shop to trim the sides of planks on the table. He rushes over to the outboard motor shop where Bruce is welding up brackets, back to the wood shop he starts putting together the new upholstery for one of the boats we all ride in.

Back to the kitchen with empty coffee cups we all left scattered around the docks.

All the while I'm asking him dumb questions.  He answers graciously.

Over to the big shed by boat to pick up wood, then cutting apart old planks.

Its non stop especially this time of year.

Carol in the meantime is answering phones non-stop, picking and ordering hats, shirts, jackets, wine glasses, cooking lunch for all of us knuckleheads, preparing reservations, mailings, helping Bailey setup the laundry room, answering my dumb questions - graciously!

Tom - a plumber, mechanic,  carpenter, upholsterer, electrician, woodwork, welder, manager, owner, worker bee - nonstop. Phew!

After all this - he cooks dinner for all of us as thanks.

Tenderloin steaks, fresh crab, cheese, potatoes, asparagus - steak oscar! All the while serving us fine wine, excellent whiskey.  After dinner it's story time, jokes, laughter.

He and Carol are gracious hosts. They are thankful for their friends - and we know that.

And that's why he has so many decades long friends who want to hang out with him, do a little work, drink a little wine, and share a fine meal.

That is also one reason why so many of his guests keep coming back 10, 20, 30 years and more.

Meet Bruce

This is Bruce!  An excellent guy and a welding maniac.  Also a pipefitter, carpenter - you name it he can probably do it!

He came up for the weekend with another buddy to visit staff member Lucas (remember the blogpost about the glass blower on staff named Lucas?) and help out Tom on several tasks.

Lucas told Bruce and his buddy if they were coming up they had better cook a really fine meal for him.

Bruce was welding brackets and numerous other items - then he went out and finished building the new float.

Tom is extremely thankful for the help you gave.

I wish I could have stayed one more night because they are going to put on a feast for the staff up at the resort.  Prawns, huge sea scallops ........... doh!

Wait a minute?  They welded, built a float, then they are cooking a really great dinner and Tom is the guest of honor...........

Who was it that got everyone to paint the fence??? Tom Sawyer?  Tom Sawyer, Tom Barnett? WAIT A MINUTE!!!

This is starting to sound like a conspiracy!!!  Tom, Tom?

Oh by the way - Lucas can't eat shellfish.

New Road From New Dock

As I mentioned in an earlier post the National Park Service and Seattle City Light is doing a tremendous job on punching in a new road/trail that each of you will use when you come to Ross Lake Resort via the Seattle City Light tour boat.

Final details have not been completed but the new dock will be further west of the damaged dock and a new spur road is being built above up road from the tunnel that we all would ride through after loading the truck with guests and luggage.

Note: The tunnel was not covered in the rock slide - but it is very close to the edge of it and with all of the construction work, including blasting down loose or potentially dangerous portions of the cliff above the rockslide, it is not available for passage by the public.

Here are some of the images from today.

photos ©Paul K Anderson

Top of new spur road from a short distance above the tunnel looking down Diablo Lake towards the west.

Some of the equipment used to establish the foundation/base of the new road/trail

Not too far from the new location of the new dock.

The boat dock unload area for guests.

Rock Slide Top to Near Bottom

©Paul K. Anderson

The Old Dock Below Ross Dam

Here is a photo I shot several hours ago of the old dock and ramp that we used to walk up.

National Park Service, Seattle City Light and the contractors are working extremely hard to get everything in place for a successful summer season.

A view of Tom's old truck and the loading ramp at the base of the rock slide.  ©Paul Anderson

Weekend Update

Hi Everyone,

I have just spent the weekend visiting (and helping out where I could)  Tom and Carol as they prepare the resort for the opening in just a few short weeks.

We were hoping to move the buildings from the winter locations into the summer configuration but alas the wind wouldn't cooperate.

Any wind over 4 miles per hour can seriously push the buildings around since the sides of the buildings (especially the Peaks) act just like sails on a sailboat.

Numerous tasks were completed by the staff and the 5 of us who came up to help out.

Over the next week I will write more about winter configuration, tasks performed, the rock slide and introduce you to an excellent group of people I met that were studying the red shiners that are in the lake.

New Listing on TomsList

The agent for Tombio Barnettii, has just announced the offer to sell a major piece of art by this recently discovered, exciting artist.

Mr. Barnettii, head of the Pickett Range Collective of Individualistic Abstract Environmental Impactionistic Modern Art, has recently completed and unveiled his latest creation titled Pancaked in Blue.

Tombio Barnettii's mixed media, wall hanging sculpture is a fusion of steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, chrome, rubber, fir, and particularly nice gneiss from the Skagit pluton.

"It is an amalgamation of all I stand for - technology vs tradition, the force of nature battling the hand of man, the now vs the perpetuality and duality of the everlasting," said Mr.Barnettii.

It measures approximately 19 feet long, 8 feet wide, and about 2 feet thick. Weight is estimated at 4000 pounds.

Asking price $197,000.00

Notice From TomsList

Note: You have been selected to view this notice because you have previously expressed interest in an item listed on TomsList.

After lengthy discussion, the owner of the blue pickup truck listed on TomsList has removed the item from the for sale auto category.