Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rock Slide at Ross Dam, Diablo Lake!

Hi Everyone!

Well I just got off the phone with both Carol and Tom about the rather large rockslide that happened a few weeks back and this will result in some minor changes to you and your trip from Diablo Lake to Ross Lake.

Tom and Carol want everyone to know what is going on.

Here is what we know:

1. A large rock slide came down off the rock face near the tunnel that we drive thru just above the boat dock where we load and unload at the base of Ross Dam.

2. No one was injured.  A favorite truck of the resort was destroyed.  Long time staff member Will Sields was traumatized by the loss of the truck to such an extent that he and his lovely bride decided to continue on their annual month long trip surfing in Hawaii.

3. The dock at the base of Ross Dam was split in half.

4. The tunnel is closed.

5.  The National Park Service and Seattle City Light will come up with a fix.  They have brought in boatloads of experts to come up with a viable solution.  The National Park Service deals with rockslides on a regular basis.  They are experts in dealing with rockslides and keeping the public safe.

It looks like the National Park Service will be responsible for building a small trail/ATV road from the new location of the boat dock, up across the benches where guests will be loaded into the Ross Lake Trucks.

6. A short, gradual 100 yard walk will be required of guests.  Luggage will be transported to and from the trucks on the ATV trail for you by the resort staff. In the tradition of the North Cascades everyone will help load and unload the boats and trucks as we've done since the resort opened.

7. Guests in the early part of the season will be the most affected as the new process is refined.  There will also be construction and some blasting going on when guests aren't around to stabilize the rock faces.

8. Long time guests are looking at this as another interesting approach to one of America's favorite, most interesting resorts.

7. Campers requiring portages of canoes and kayaks will be affected.  You will be required to haul your gear and equipment up to the resort trucks.