Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family Camping on Ross Lake

Lucy, Chris and Lucas on the shuttle home.

Frank , son Lucas, friend Mark and his son Chris recently camped for three days on Ross Lake.

Frank and his wife, when kids were only a gleam in their eyes, had enjoyed canoeing trips on Ross Lake, but like many young families they had to put off some activities and trips after Lucas and his sister were born until the kids were old enough to appreciate the mystique of wild places.

Friend Mark has spent many nights on Ross Lake as a scoutmaster leading trips for numerous scouts and their dads.

This was Lucas' first trip camping at Ross and for Frank's family, I predict that a great family tradition has started.

Frank said it best, "Mark recommended that we motor up to Lightning Creek. We had an amazing three days of fishing, swimming, light hiking, adventuring down the creeks and climbing the waterfalls. Without a doubt, my son's favorite activity was swimming off the dock and fishing. The little fry minnows nibbled us from head to toe."

"It was great."

"I look forward to bringing my wife and five year old daughter up there next year."

Good job Dads!