Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meet Our Happy Staff II

© Paul K Anderson

Meet Lucy new resort supervisor! (Click on photos for a larger size image!)

Lucy has taken over Roland's role as supervisor.

She is a cross between a Beagle and Poodle, a Peagle or a Boodle???? I don't know.

Like many small dogs she has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Thinks she is in charge of everything, everybody.

She frequently will ride the water taxi keeping Tom or Carol company.

But she has her own management style and is often caught sneaking up to the bow of the boat (at 40 mph), walking the narrow six inch toe rail on the sides of the boat, where her ears and jowls can flap freely in the breeze.

Meet Our Happy Staff

© Paul Anderson

Meet Ethan, jack of all trades and hard worker!

You'll typically meet Ethan down on the boat ramp when you arrive, he helps you with your bags and supplies and then drives the truck up to Ross Lake and pitches in getting bags off the truck and onto the small boat dock for the ferry over to the cabins.

Around the resort he can be found over at the gas dock cleaning boats, or chopping, delivering, and stacking wood, swapping out propane tanks on your BBQ, hauling garbage and recycling from your cabin, hauling the garbage down to Diablo Lake and RLR garbage bins, or doing any other job needed to keep this operation humming for your enjoyment.

In the winter Ethan keeps the resort afloat by shoveling snow.

He likes to sit in the bow of the boat where the ear coverings of his hat can flap freely in the breeze.

This photo not withstanding, Ethan is a warm and friendly guy! Be sure and say hi!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunburns and Trout fishing

The official start of the '09 fishing season has started out great. Many happy and sun soaked fisher folks have been catching plenty of Ross Lake wild rainbows. Mostly trolling with pop gear and various lures. The fish have been caught on Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, Spinner flys, Wedding Rings, Rapalas and other lures. I just measured the longest Rainbow I've ever seen caught from Ross Lake - a beautilful 21 inch Rainbow caught by Heather True and Derrick Borgmann. Like true fishermen, they won't tell where it was taken until they leave. I expect this fishing action to continue well into the summer and fall. -Tom

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Psssst ........ Fishing Season Starts Tomorrow

Full Moon July 7th

© Paul K Anderson

For those of you fortunate enough to be spending time up at RLR or in the North Cascades NP next week, remember the full moon is on the 7th of July.

Please, howl to your hearts content!

We are only on this planet for a relatively short trip!