Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fishermen - These Addicts Are Everywhere!

Traveling the back roads between Wilbur and Odessa, Washington I was pleasantly surprised to find this mailbox expressing the creative talents of the addressee.

In my eye tho, a mailbox made up to look like a Wild Ross Lake Rainbow would be even better!

A toast to all of you that love to be expressive about your hobbies and passions!

Geez -bad as photographers...............

Winding Down the Day Up Lake

Returning from a short hiatus - was visiting a few wheat fields, the Methow, Okanagon, Grand Coulee and the Channeled Scablands.

Washington is an amazing state and by having an awareness of the topography, the geography and a little knowledge of history one can interpret the landscape and understand better our role (both good and bad) in this landscape and environment.

I'll show a few images from that short trip in another post - but for now it's nice to look out over the upper reaches of the lake again.

Thanks for your patience and notes wanting to see more images.

Smoke from fires east of the North Cascades drifts over Desolation (Click to enlarge)