Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nice Clean Pickup Truck for Sale on TomsList

For those of you wanting a little memorabilia from the North Cascades we have a rare opportunity.  A new posting has just been added to TomsList for a low mileage pickup truck - runs fine. downhill

Perfect for that teenager with a mullet haircut wanting a first car and you are a little hesitant about loaning out the family Dodge Dart.  You are trying to reach 425,000 miles on it after all!

This little baby has only been run short distances - half of which were typically downhill. some involuntary.  Not many hard flat freeway miles on this showcase.

Great airflow, no air conditioning required. Let go with your hand and the moon roof opens seamlessly.

You can still kick the tires on this puppy!

Enjoy the evergreen scents of the North Cascades emanating from the plush upholstery. until the needles dryout

Handles rough roads like a mountain goat, nothing sheepish about this midnight blue babe magnet.

You Dads, with this beauty you can spend those magic moments in the garage teaching that teenager how to patch a radiator, change the oil, touchup minor dings and scratches.  That boy will look at you with awe and respect when you show up in the driveway and he realizes that this truck is for him and that you are keeping hold of Mom's K car for a few more years.

He'll be so happy he may even offer to massage your feet for the next 6 months.

Inquire on Tomslist.  Minimum bid required.

Buyer to accept delivery on site.

sold as is, buyer beware, no returns accepted