Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Hot

© Paul K Anderson Ruby Creek

© Paul K Anderson Doug near Cougar Island

© Paul K Anderson Taking the Plunge into Ross Lake

© Paul K Anderson - Cooling Off in front of the Peak Cabins

I know, I know, I know it's crazy hot out there!

To all you readers of Tom's View that have been stuck on I-5 in the Puget Sound lowlands, I'm telling you that I am empathetic to your pain and suffering because I too have been sitting in heavy, slow moving traffic on I-5 this week.

And I know it's hot in Spokane, over in the Palouse, down in Portland, Houston, Virginia, and Florida - OY!!!!!

It's hot in our factories, in our skyscrapers, in our universities. It's hot at Microsoft, at Boeing, and at our government offices!

But I know what we can do.

Head for the North Cascades!

Drive across highway 20. Get some fresh ice cream at Cascadian Farms, stop for breakfast or lunch in Marblemount, take a tour with Seattle City Light (but call ahead for a reservation), visit the North Cascades Institute and pick up a course catalog.

Stop at North Cascades National Park Visitor Center and view the most excellent exhibits.

Go ahead, be spontaneous, call now and reserve for the day a boat, kayak or canoe from Ross Lake Resort and go fishing, touring, hiking or camping uplake.

Find an ancient cedar or fir, sit down, and feel the embrace of old growth shade.


You're cooler already, aren't you?

Go now and jump in Ross Lake!

Hike down to Ross Lake from the highway parking lot, or catch the 8:30 A.M. Seattle City Light ferry.

Call the resort from the phone (follow the signs) near the lake at the end of the trail and have the resort water taxi take you up lake to swim, hike, fish or just relax.

Schedule a time to be picked up later and then either catch the afternoon ferry down Diablo or hike back out to highway.

It will work wonders in reducing your stress level.

But remember if you wait until next week.......... you are going to be a week older.

Note: if camping, stop at a ranger's station for your permit. Call ahead to the resort to reserve a boat since weekends are extremely busy in July and August.

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