Friday, July 10, 2009

Jack Mountain from Big Beaver Boat Dock

© Paul Anderson

So here is a gem of info for you Cliff Clavin types who may enjoy useless information/trivia about Ross Lake.

Jack Mountain (elevation 9066 ft) rises 7,464 vertical feet above Ross Lake.

I know, I know - it may not seem that big just glancing at Jack as you canoe, kayak or boat beneath it, but that is a sizable amount of elevation gain!

For instance, Mt Everest is 29,029 elevation and a huge mountain. When mountaineers attempt to climb it via the north col route, they spend several days and nights at the advance base camp at 21,300 feet elevation!

A mere 7,729 vertical feet below the summit and just 265 feet higher than Ross Lake to the summit of Jack!

The North Cascades are notorious not for the mountain chain's overall height, but rather for how dramatic the relief is from valley bottoms, to ridge lines and mountain summits, and back down again.

This makes travel very difficult for cross country backpackers and mountaineers. It's also why there are so few auto routes across the Cascade Range.

So, remember, some time when you're out lounging on one of the docks or hanging out in one of the blue boats up lake - and you want to make a bet - point to Jack and maybe spew out that info to your fishing buddy or spouse who seldom get used to your insufferable nuggets of wisdom!

And remember, if you don't visit more often to the North Cascades each year, you'll always be a visit or two, or three behind.

You can't catch up!

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