Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunburns and Trout fishing

The official start of the '09 fishing season has started out great. Many happy and sun soaked fisher folks have been catching plenty of Ross Lake wild rainbows. Mostly trolling with pop gear and various lures. The fish have been caught on Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, Spinner flys, Wedding Rings, Rapalas and other lures. I just measured the longest Rainbow I've ever seen caught from Ross Lake - a beautilful 21 inch Rainbow caught by Heather True and Derrick Borgmann. Like true fishermen, they won't tell where it was taken until they leave. I expect this fishing action to continue well into the summer and fall. -Tom

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  1. Yup! First week of the open season for fishing at Ross Lake has proven a success...
    Take the handcrafted boat up the lake between Lightening Creek and Devils Canyon on the open side of the lake on the LARGE waterfall....past the small Island behond the falls...AND good luck. Thanks for such an amazing first experiance at the best fishing resort Ive ever been to.

    Derrick Borgmann & Heather True (10 yr vet.)


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