Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who are they? Why are they smiling?

Why are they smiling you ask?

Well after several years of rapid shiner growth (the minnows you see in the lake) the wild rainbow trout are getting large enough to enjoy the shiners for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This results is some veeeeeeeery big and fat rainbows.

So big in some cases that they are starting to grow beyond the 2 foot measuring tape at the fish cleaning table.

Who is the guy with the ruler? Tom Barnett of course! Owner and fisherman muy excellente! And he is happy that so many friends and guests are being rewarded with nice fat fish.

Tom's young cousin Bode was up this past weekend and provided dinner for us. Oh man, fresh grilled wild Ross Lake Rainbow Trout! The taste was great.

Oh, and here is some more trout for you fishers!

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