Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Article in Bellingham Herald

Doug Huddle is an excellent writer with the Bellingham Herald.

In todays edition he wrote an article about Tom and Ross Lake Resort and the resurgence of the Wild Ross Lake Rainbow Trout.

Here is the link to the half page article.

I admire writers and photographers for newspapers and magazines.  They work to deadlines often in stuffy offices.  They deal with bombastic editors.  They have to come up with story ideas on subjects that they really could care less about........ "Ms Gertrude Hannibal - of the Lector Hannibal's - is hosting a luncheon and fundraiser for the Human Society,  the menu will feature a fine selection from her collection of carpaccio recipes..........."

Meanwhile, I get to visit Ross Lake, pick and choose what to blog about, meet people that are on a holiday in one of their favorite spots on earth (why else do so many return year after year), and sit out on the deck drinking coffee watching the sunrise.  I can hear their voices in the office, "should we get him more coffee?".

"No, no, don't disturb him - he's thinking about what to write next!  It will probably be brilliant!"

Lucky for me they don't hear what I am thinking because my typical thought process seems to go something like this when I have writers block:  "If I sneeze really hard with a mouthful of coffee and it comes out my nose, will some of the caffeine be absorbed through my nasal cavities?"

So as you probably already surmised, not a lot of deep thought goes into some of these posts - but I do like to sit out on that deck pondering my caffeine addiction, I do like to hang out with my good friends the Barnett's, I do like meeting all of you and I do like writing and photography.

I do sometimes wish I had an editor.

I do like to read good writers writings..

Check out Doug's writing on the link provided.


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