Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cold, Clear Water!

Think historically of the Cascade Range and you think of logging. Over the last 100+ years virtually every acre of public land has been logged - except for those areas that were economically not profitable to harvest. Some of that remaining land was the basis for the creation of the National Park and wilderness systems. Today, many leading scientists and former officials of the U.S. Forest Service recognize that the number one ecosystem service of public lands, will not be timber harvesting or grazing, but the year round availability and slow release of clean water.

©Paul Anderson

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  1. We just had the most memorable, delightful weekend up at Ross Lake Resort. Taking my father-in-law, 81 year old Ed Whitehead up for his journey of challenges. The staff was amazing, helping him get in and out of every portage moment, assisting him with the safest of journey's and transferring him back home again. It was a difficult physical feat for him, but his heart allowed him the will to do it and persist just to be at the heart of the wilderness memories of the past, present and hopefully the futures. You guys all rock and wow, what an ultimately amazing journey into the wild! Love you all for your support and caring...


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