Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ross Lake Resort Opens June 10!!!!!!

Yeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Sorry about that outburst!

The resort opens June 10th as scheduled.

Here is the latest for guests of the resort.

Seattle City Light will pick you and your gear up in a high speed 7 passenger boat at the usual location - the dock on Diablo.

Park and unload as usual where you see Ross Lake Resort Parking.

You will unload at the new passenger dock west of the landslide.

The resort truck will pick up all guests and their gear after a short hike - for transport up to Ross Lake.

Our thanks to Tammra Sterling of the National Park Service for providing us with the information and new haul road map.

One more thing to add!

Everyone at Ross Lake Resort cannot express and thank enough the staff of the National Park Service, Seattle City Light and the contractors who all have worked feverishly since March to provide for the safety of visitors,  and for developing an innovative solution to the rock slide conundrum.

We are fortunate to have such a fine partnership.

So this summer when you are sitting in front of the cabins or riding up lake in one of the blue boats and you see staff from the National Park Service or Seattle City Light - give them a wave and thank you.

They appreciate the beauty of the North Cascades and this magnificent lake as much as you do!

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