Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA vs. England Soccer's World Cup

photos © Paul K. Anderson

Okay, ok, I'll get to the point about why I am writing about a soccer match on a fishing resort blog in a moment.

I spent part of the late morning and early afternoon watching the USA tie England - whoops I meant to say ENGLAND TIED THE USA - in first round action of the FIFA World Cup from South Africa.  The Copper Hog Gastropub in downtown Bellingham was our venue

I played rugby for about 25 years, I don't understand the nuances of soccer. I am about as close to being a soccer player as maybe a ballerina is to being a belly dancer.  Well, I don't think that came out the way I meant,  But what the heck.......

So I'm sitting there enjoying the soccer action, my friends, and people watching and I started thinking about how much in common fishermen have with soccer fans.

I mean I have seen some crazy bandanas on fishermen and weird zinc oxide concoctions to ward of flies, skeeters and sunburn over the years.

There are many fishing hats out there with either flies or small lures snagged to them.

And I have seen some innovative knots and slings piecing together creels or holding together fishing nets.

And most fishermen I've met seem to be fairly patriotic.

Haven't we prayed to the fishing gods at least once, "please -  keep the dang fish on the hook & don't let it flop away?"

And like these knowledgeable English fans - who think they dress a little more sophisticated than the average USA fan, aren't they sorta like fly fishermen??

And haven't you secretly hoped that your buddies - or at least the wife and kids - would greet you back at the cabin like this when they see the size of those wild Ross Lake Rainbows you just brought in?

"Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, were having fresh trout for dinner tonight wooooohooooooooooo!!!!"

click on photos to enlarge.

Admit it Dad's and Grandpa's - don't you do this quietly inside your chest every time your kid or grandkid hooks a wild fish?

Sportsmen - it doesn't matter......

its the same the whole world over,
it's the poor what gets the blame,
it's the rich that get the glory,
ain't it all a bloody shame!

-from an old rugby song.

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