Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have seen the Tug Boat many times next to the Dam! Can you tell us what the story is behind the Tug Boat and why it is here?? Also why it is buried in the ground?? Thank you!! Ron

As depicted to me without verification from either the NPS or Seattle City Light

It was a dark and stormy night, Captain Tom was trying to save the villagers from a fate.....

Many years ago when Sasquatch frequented the shores of Ross lake....

The tug boat mentioned in the earlier post is a piece of living history of Ross Lake. It plied these waters for many years before age, codes and history caught up with it.

It is really a very simple explanation as to how it found its current resting place.  Cost.

The tug needed a complete overhaul It was no longer able to ply the waters of Ross Lake without upgrades required by necessary regulations.  It sometimes hauled or might have been required to haul passengers.

To meet the latest codes would have cost more than what the returns justified. To move it further down the road perhaps near the power house was tricky, and in reality space was limited.

Also old boats would have to be stripped of paint etc. a difficult undertaking in the current location.

So from what I've been told. A common sense approach was taken.  Partially bury that beautiful old girl alongside the road, and surrounded by a small protective berm, where everyone could see it on a daily basis and it could be monitored regularly by staff from Seattle City Light.

A piece of history kept where it belongs.

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