Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scout Troop 850 of Lake Forest Park

Hey check out these Boy Scouts after a week paddling around Ross Lake!

Looking pretty good guys - but I bet you miss Mom's cooking don't you!

How many times did someone step in the pancake batter? Oh the ridicule and bitter memories I had to live thru!  All it did was add a little Boundary Waters roughage to breakfast I say!

Scoutmaster Damon LaPointe guided these adventurers around the lake. the beautiful wood canoe was built after many nights working til midnight by Dad Tom Breit.

You adults deserve special kudos for helping these young men become even better young men.

And I bet their Mom's all said a quiet thank you when they saw their toddlers walking up the front steps.

Special dinners were prepared that didn't include feet dipped in batter!

Special note to Gary and others planning on using the portage service.  You may call ahead and plan the portage with the resort.  Pictures depict the trip out but you get the general idea of the haul road width etc.

It is only about 100 yards from the dock to the point where you will load the canoes on to the trucks. The trail is wide enough to have people on both sides of the canoe.  You will unload your gear at the 1st dock, the 2nd dock is where the Seattle City Light Tour Boat unloads and loads passengers.

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