Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Back from the Resort

Hi everyone, I just spent an excellent 3 days up on the lake.  Met some fine and interesting people and groups.

Shot a lot of photos.

Have a number of posts to write.

Need to tell you this!

The old loading dock on Diablo Lake has been moved to the site of the new unloading spot at the base of Ross Dam.

You will unload all of your gear at the site of the Seattle City Light Tour Boat Float - just after turning the corner after crossing the dam.  It is marked.

After unloading take your car and park it in the usual area then walk back the roughly 300-400 yards.

The advantage - you no longer have to go down and up stairs here with all of your gear and it is an easy stroll back from your car.

You will recognize the old float at the new unload site up by Ross.  You will have to carry your gear up the 5 or six steps and a gentle path of approx. 20 yards to the waiting new Kubota tractor and trailer that Tom bought to carry your gear.  Thanks Tom!  That was a mucho good decision to help us.

After all the gear is on the trailer head on up the 100 yards of gentle grade to the waiting truck.  Your gear will soon arrive and everyone can help load it on to the truck.

It's a wonderful Ross Lake tradition - everyone helping out!  And if you are unable to lift much, well, there always seem to be guests that step up and help and that will offer an elbow to hold onto.  Bam!  You just met some new people. You never know, it could be the CEO of BP or Bill Gates traveling incognito.

Hey it could happen! I took the kids to Glacier NP about 5 years ago and the Secret Service were standing right outside my window all night.  Laura Bush was staying in the room above.

I think......

Hey!  Was that a good thing?

Let me think about this for awhile and get back to you.  I need to look at some of my old blog sites and emails I think.

I'll have more images later tonight and a couple of more posts.

The weather was warm and beautiful, the water refreshing, fishing was great, the snow capped peaks - beautiful.

Gotta go pick up the kids from pole vaulting practice, more later!

Freedom of Information request form site  - lets see where that is.........

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