Monday, July 5, 2010

What Works? Catching Ross Lake Wild Rainbow Trout

"A favor. Go fishing with me?" 
"That's marvy because Jessie has a brother........ in from California and I'm not going to lie, he's a world champion peckerwood."
"Bait fisherman?" 
"He didn't say." 
"Good Lord George! He's going to show up with a coffee can full of worms. Red can. Hills Brothers"
"I'll lay a bet on it."
Norman and Paul Maclean discussing bait fishermen from
'A River Runs Through It'
So how do you catch fish on Ross Lake?
Very good question!
Just sat down for a few minutes to discuss this with Tom Barnett and I asked with all of the latest and greatest gear out there how do you know what is going to entice the Ross Lake wild Rainbow Trout to grab that single barbless hook?
His answer was very practical and simple! 
Whenever Tom is in town he stops at fishing stores and peruses all of the lures and flies. If he sees something that he thinks might work up at the resort he buys it.  Then when the season starts he passes out the lures to guests he knows to be good fishermen and asks them to report back.

If the lures are successful he will often stock them.

The Copper Bingo Bug is still one of the most successful lures and Ross Lake Resort has a supply on hand. Very few other places stock these attractants.

Tom also carries a nice selection of spinner fly's produced by an excellent small company owned by Jim Carpenter. Jim's Fly Tying of Sunnyside, Wa.

Jim is an avid fisherman and an excellent craftsman, which is why Ross Lake Resort stocks his gear. They all come pre-tied and ready to go.

Over the next few weeks I will add photos of some of Jim Carpenter's work. Stop by the office and try some of his spinner fly's and lures!

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