Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Paul

Hi Paul!

This email is from Corey White, one of the graduate students living at NCI's Environmental Learning Center, just downriver from you up at the Ross L. Resort. I was truly pleased to see your inclusion of the wonderful quote at the end of the July 3 post on "Tom's View from Ross Lake Resort" blog. The author, however, is not unknown - he's one of my favorites, Edward Abbey, and, as you write, he is much appreciated.

Thanks again for your post and keep up the good writing.


Corey White

Hi Corey!

Thank you so much for the feedback!  It has been driving me nuts trying to figure out who was the author of that quote!  Of course - Ed Abbey one of my absolutely favorite authors and characters of the American West.

Abbey's writings inspired me to photograph the southwest and I carried 'Desert Solitaire' with me in my backpack everywhere.  When I was waiting for the light to get just right, I would pull the book out and read about Arches National Park, 'The Moon-Eyed Horse', 'The Dead Man at Grandview Point', or 'Down the River'.

In memory of Edward Abbey here are a few images I photographed of his beloved southwest.

© Paul K. Anderson  "Antelope Canyon'

© Paul K. Anderson  "Toroweap, The Grand Canyon'

© Paul K. Anderson  'Monument Valley"

© Paul K. Anderson  "Death Valley Sand Dune'

By the way, the North Cascades Institute, just past the Ross Lake Resort parking area is an incredible resource for all of us in the Pacific Northwest.  I have enjoyed many courses that they have offered and love staying at their facility on the shores of Diablo Lake.

Please click on their link on the right side of the blog.  

I will write more about NCI and the dedicated staff in the near future.

And who knows maybe I'll assist in teaching photographic composition someday for them.

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