Friday, February 27, 2009

Keeping The Home Fires Burning

Because we are a floating resort, we have a unique delivery system for most of the daily tasks that you would find at any resort.  Basically - everything is delivered by boat!

Back in the cove, beyond the bunkhouses, is our heavy work area. We have a floating sawmill and we have floats for chopping and splitting the wood that you find stacked near your cabin.

During late autumn and through the winter, fierce storms can hit the area. Trees most exposed on the shoreline sometimes topple over and into the lake.

Each spring when the runoff is at its peak from the surrounding mountains and glaciers, the creeks and streams flood. Trees are swept into Ross Lake and drift down lake towards the dam.

In front of the resort and the dam you notice a series of log booms.  These booms serve an important purpose.  They protect the dam (and also the resort) from wave damage and from trees and logs that come down the lake.

With the approval from the National Park and from Seattle City Light, Ross Lake Resort will remove these threats from the water and use them for firewood. Throughout the year staff will be chopping, splitting, stacking, curing and delivering wood to the cabins.

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