Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stress Free Zone

© Paul K. Anderson

Young Dylan, a cup of cocoa at his side, is working hard (LOL) to get rid of all his stress after spending the morning fishing with a good friend on Ross Lake - amidst the high alpine peaks, fresh air, forested slopes, and glaciers of North Cascades National Park.

Years ago I lived on an island in the salt marshes of southeastern Georgia. I was playing a round of golf by myself one morning and was going to tee off on one of the holes.

I saw another golfer standing near a pond up the fairway watching a young boy fishing with a long cane pole.  I approached the man to ask if I could play through or join him for the round and we started talking.

It turns out I recognized him, he was an owner of an eastern NFL team and one of the richest men in America.  He had probably everything that money could buy, but at that moment all he thought about was how much fun and how stress free a life that young boy was living. He told me he would give anything to be as stress free as the young fisherman.

And that is the power and allure that fishing has for many of us.  It brings back memories of time well spent with family and good friends, dads, uncles, cousins and favorite mentors. It brings back memories of adventures and special locations.

It helps remind us of what is important.

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