Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photograph the Light

© Paul K. Anderson

© Paul K. Anderson

© Paul Anderson  

When you want to capture the mood or emotion of the landscape it is important to capture the light at it's most interesting or dramatic. That typically means in the morning from a little before dawn until several hours after, and from just after sunset to several hours before.

You also can capture dramatic landscapes on the edge of weather changes.

Mid-day is best for getting in closer with people action shots.  You would also want to use fill flash if you have it, to balance out shadows in the bright sunlight.

I admit I can't resist shooting the mountains on the return trip from Ruby Arm in the early afternoon, but I am usually diasappointed with the flat, washed out look to the scenery and especially the sky.

If the light is fading try using your tripod to ensure crisp images.

Try photographing early and late and during changing weather patterns to evoke the true mood of the North Cascades and Ross Lake.

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