Monday, March 16, 2009

North Cascades Institute Learning Center ...............A Good Neighbor

Old Growth Forest 170 feet Up
Life in the Tree Tops
© Paul Anderson

Great Blue Heron

Thunder Bay Writers Retreat
North Cascades Institute
Learning Center

Trumpeter Swans 
Samish River Delta
© Paul Anderson

I've taken classes from the North Cascades Institute on a number of occasions and I highly recommend them!

At the Thunder Bay Writers Retreat, three inspiring nature writers, Kathleen Dean Moore, Gary Ferguson, and Ana Maria Spagna encouraged and worked with us for 4 days as we wrote, observed, listened, hiked the trails and enjoyed the ambiance of the Learning Center.

Another class found me suspended from a large jib crane in a gondola with 6 other participants, 190 feet up into the canopy of an old growth forest. It was a truly remarkable experience! We moved up, down and over almost 6 acres of old growth from one of only several "canopy cranes" operating in the world.

Meandering the back roads near the lower Skagit and Samish Rivers, Trumpeter Swans were studied with one of the leading experts and protectors of North America's largest waterfowl.

You have the opportunity to take a whole catalog of classes from leading experts in their fields.

Topics of study, to name just a few categories: butterflies, raptors, watercolors, writing, poetry, geographical regions, sustainability, local foods, birding, glaciers and the high alpine, wildflowers, geology, amphibians, photography. The list goes on and on.

So if you are looking for a way to spend additional quality time in the Cascade Range check them out!

Contact the North Cascades Institute and request your catalog.

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