Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ross Lake Resort and Ribs

OK, its a given that most fishermen like ribs!

Especially if it's on a fishing trip and you have already had your fill of Ross Lake rainbow trout for the past couple of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

These ribs are easy to make in advance or in your cabins oven or on the gas bbq. 

They're great to munch on sitting in front of the bunk house and cabins while reliving your fishing stories (I meant lies) again and again about the ones you've caught in the past or the ones you hooked here in '76 but they somehow shook off - yada yada yada!

So grab an ice cold one from the cooler, plop down on a bench or Adirondack chair, put you feet up - look up and watch that glacier creep down the north face of Colonial and in a couple of hours start munching on these ribs.

* Slabs of Ribs - you decide how many. Regular pork ribs, St. Louis style or baby back ribs!
* Aluminum Foil - don't forget to bring it with you!
* Rub My Ribs Rub  (recipe follows)
* Just-As-Good-As-Any-Other-BBQ-Sauce (recipe follows)

- If you have time rub the ribs down a day before and keep in refrigerator (wrapped in plastic wrap). Don't be overly obsessive, you can always rub the meat just before cooking.

- Remove plastic wrap and double wrap each slab in aluminum foil - it's okay to have a little excess room on top.

- Place on cookie sheet and bake in 300 degree oven for 2-2.5 hours.

- Test for tenderness at end of regular cooking time by lopping off a couple of those ribs and eating them!  Hey! You are the cook and if anyone complains - glare at them or stare them down! It's ok to cop an attitude because you are the creative genius behind this dinner!

- Order the whiners to get the cook a beer or margarita* from your friendly neighbors next door (*but only if they serve better ones than you make - like Cathy and Jeff).

- If done, drain the excess juices from foil, cut into serving sizes like 4 ribs to a piece(remember to repay the neighbors with ribs) and eat as is!

- But wait!  What if someone wants BBQ sauce? Well, serve it as a side or better yet slather it all over a slab or two and finish off on the grill of the gas bbq next to the cabin (sans foil so you get a few tasty blackened sauce spots).

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