Monday, July 26, 2010

9 AM Limit

"Hey old timer, let's run down to the lake and catch a fish!"
"Well say young fella, why don't we walk down and catch our limit!"

Romaine Souey, Jim Hobbs and Ray Andrews display their limit of Wild Ross Lake Rainbow Trout.

I had just spotted them pulling in front of the bunk house at 9 AM.  I made the mistake of asking them if they were coming back in for breakfast and maybe a nap.

"Heck! We already ate a fine breakfast at 4:30 and caught the limit by 8:15!"

"We thought we would come back here and wake up some of the young guys and get them out."

About then 3 or 4 of the young guys stepped out of their bunkhouse took one look at the 3 limits, rolled their eyes skyward and shook their heads.

They knew they would never hear the end of this.

I believe I heard a consensus as Romaine, Jim, and Ray were walking away that maybe they would fire up the BBQ, cook a few fish, and serve the young guys lunch in bed.

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