Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Approaches to Life

I stopped by my friendly pharmacy to pick up a prescription and a person was standing at the counter berating the cashier because the internet coupon was already past its expiration date.  The counterman walked out to the aisle to see if there was another on sale coupon at the shelf.

As he walked past, the irate customer turned to me and started on about the BS that they were being put through.

Stupidly I replied "Well......... it's really not his fault."

"Who the heck asked you to butt in, why don't you mind your own business! Stay out of my business and shut up!"

Two hours earlier I stopped by North Cascades National Park Headquarters and went in to get some information about several future blogs.

Several families were in their asking the staff about what they could do tomorrow.

They had just returned from a hike up the Sahalee Arm and the whole family seemed to be piping in all at the same time to express what they had seen.  Wildflowers, Johannesburg Mt., glaciers, Forbidden Peak, Sahalee Mt., whitewater, green trees, the color of the water, walking on snow and "it's almost August",

"My God it was so beautiful."

The NPS staff all smiled right back because no matter how many times they have heard these same platitudes - they still felt the same way as the guests from somewhere back in the midwest.

"I know a place that I think you will enjoy!", the Ranger mentioned.
Please be sure to stop by one of the NPS information Centers and Bookstores (run by the North Cascades Institute).  The staff are excellent and obviously love to help each of us make the most out our trips up to the North Cascades.

Kudos to all of you working for the National Park Service, US Forest Service, North Cascades Institute for making our trips more memorable, more relaxing.

Breath deeply and visualize a calming location...........

By the way - I'm packing up the kids, their friends, she who must be obeyed and going camping up on Ross Lake.  Don't tell the wife but we are going to sleep on dirt - yee haw!

I'll stop by the resort and say hi to Tom and Carol for all of you!

Oh - I'll bring my camera and try and get a couple of images to show when I return!


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