Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet Allen and Lisa Rhodes

"Paul! Call up Joe-Joe the dog faced boy and Gomer I got another batch ready!"

"Oh man Rhodsie I got in trouble the last time - I missed work. You gotta quit trying so many different recipes and just stick to one - you know like -  Oly." "Man I appreciate being a guinea pig but these taste tests on work nights gotta quit dude!  What time?"

"9:00- after the wife's in bed but you gotta help clean up!"

"Arghh - ok - but you gotta cover for me with Ted if I don't make it in tomorrow"

Allen and Lisa Rhodes
My buddy Allen is a brewing artist.  25 years ago we met in his basement to try the latest and it didn't matter if it was manna from the beer gods, uncarbonated warm swill, or was a bit.... well chewy......we were young, we were guys, it was beer and it was free. Yeaaaah!

And you know after a few samples it didn't matter that we had to take his wife's good bathroom towels to wipe off the ceiling when a couple bottles got knocked off the washing machine.  It was science! Chemistry!

We could throw the towels in the washer!

And the wife was asleep.

I think.

But the beer was organic, it was alive!

Today Allen owns the Rockfish Grill and Brew Pub in Anacortes.  Great Beer!  Great Food! Great Music!

Here is a partial list of his masterpieces:
Oatmeal Stout
Honey Cream Ales
Golden Lizard Belgian Wit
Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout
Broadsword Scottish Ale
Extra Special Bitter
Aviator Dopplebock
Cask Real Ales
India Pale Ale

Here is a link to his website:

Next time you're in Anacortes ya gotta go there and try some of his art.

Just don't stand on the washing machine - it's too hard on the knees to jump down.

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  1. Tell Rhodsie that Joe-Joe the Dog Face Boy will be up soon to visit the Rockfish and try out the new batch of brew.


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