Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Tom, Can we drive to Ross Lake Resort? Sorry No. Ummhh, ahh, well, let's see, how do I answer this?

It is a truth, all roads don't lead to Ross Lake Resort.

The Hozomeen Road ends miles to the north.

The dam road is not accessible by vehicle that hasn't been barged in first.

Except. well there was this one time when everyone was surprised many, many moons ago by a couple of wild and crazy guys.

By the way,  Carol politely but firmly suggested that they could check their own darn tire pressure after their snickering request for full service.

Ross Lake Resort File Photo

She forgot to ask them what kind of mileage and speed they got hitting the head winds on Diablo!

I imagine it was a bit like driving west on I-80 across Iowa in a 63 VW Camper on a warm summer afternoon. 

Except perhaps for the water splashing over the hood.

Click on Ross Lake Resort File Folder

Also, here is an image one of the resort's regular guests provided. See - no roads!
I'll provide the photographers name forthwith.

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