Friday, June 25, 2010

New Updates for Kayakers and Canoers

Just a couple of quick updates:

A new phone will be set up in the next week at the site of the new boat dock for calling the resort for portage service.  This will eliminate the need to hike up to the top of the road to Ross and call the resort when you need to transport your kayaks and canoes.  That is excellent news for everyone and is quick response by Seattle City Light helping everyone enjoy their experience in the North Cascades.

Thanks SCL!

Also Pete from Vancouver wrote asking for information on where to park when he comes up to kayak for a week later in the summer.

Good question!

The official launch point for canoes and kayaks is over at the Colonial Creek boat launch  There is a parking lot there for everyone visiting the lakes in that manner.

Tom mentioned that yesterday afternoon was the biggest haul of the year and all went smooth.  Basically the only difference is that there is one more lift of everyone's gear.  But things are running well.

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  1. Thanks for the update and info on the parking.!! Pete


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