Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warning - The Previous Post is Subliminal Messaging - Warning

This is the blog police.  Disregard the previous posting it is a serious attempt at planting a message in your brain that you will have no control over.

To de-program yourself:

Stick your right arm straight out in front of you thumb pointed up.

Press thumb forward

fishing season opens soon
  • Keeping elbow in same position and as a pivot bring hand back toward ear - stop at the 2 o'clock position
  • Keeping elbow in same position and as a pivot bring hand forward to eleven o'clock position
  • Repeat on count of one bring hand back to 2 o'clock say out loud two -three
  • Forward to 11 o'clock on count of one say out loud two-three
  • repeat 
  • repeat fishing season opens soon
Repeat over and over for 5 minutes and you will slowly begin to deprogram yourself - it is important to establish the count of one-two-three

If still confused watch the opening 15 minutes of 'A River Runs Through It' until deprogramming is programmed effectively. (no wait disregard the last half of this last sentence - after the italics) because fishing season opens soon

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