Friday, June 25, 2010


Guess what happens on July 1st????

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Jeff Whiteside knows how to fish for wild rainbow trout on Ross Lake.  He studies the trout, their feeding habits, the lake - basically he studies everything.  

And then he adjusts his fishing style and technique to the environment and situation he is in - that's called being smart, intuitive, sensitive - he is a craftsman.

Many that fish these waters are like Jeff - fishing to you represents more than just passing time. 

Fishing is more than a hobby.  It challenges you, it stimulates creativity  - it is a cerebral awakening.

At the end of your fishing session, when you step out of the blue boat in front of your cabin, you may not have caught the fish that you see in your mind's eye. But you know one thing with absolute certainty..........

......... you've won.

Haven't you.

You have developed a 'sense of place' about the North Cascades, North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake.

We lead short lives,  we need to reward ourselves with a connection to these experiences, to these special places, with friends, with family.

We welcome you back to these beautiful waters.

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