Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping on Ross Lake!!!

Well, I've got to tell you, I just got back from Ross Lake and it was fantastic.  This was the first time camping on these beautiful waters.

For those of you who have only stayed at the resort but can't get enough of this area and don't want to wait for another year to pass by until your next reservation, I strongly recommend camping.

Rent a boat from Tom, take the water taxi, bring your kayak or canoe but don't pass up the opportunity.

I will write a more detailed account later, but I will tell you this.  This weekend was a stress buster!

Just take a look at this photo with Desolation Peak in the background.

We had a solo campsite.

Our own dock.

Our own beachfront patio.  (well a flat spot to place our folding chairs.)

Fish were biting our flies.

There was solitude.  Saturday 5 boats went by on the lake - that's 5 total!

You've got to spend time like this.

Click on my view!          ©Paul K. Anderson

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