Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nice Fish Greg!

We live on Lopez Island, and have been going to Ross Lake with a group of friends from Bellingham, the Cassidy family and mutual friends, for most years since 1983.

I was using a fly rod with leaded line and a lure similar to a dick nite spoon. I need to give some credit to my fishing partner Gary Cassidy as the net man. Gary was counting the number of times I had the fish to the boat, and had to let him take the line back out to keep from losing the trout. After seven times, I told Gary "this is it" I'm bringing him to the net, as I didn't think the hook would stay in much longer. Gary netted the fish as the hook came out. I had the largest fish from our group until Gary's oldest son, Andy showed up that evening and caught a 221/2 trout. 

We were fishing near Rainbow Point when we caught these large trout, but Gary and I were able to catch and release a number of large trout from many locations on the lake. We had a personal size limit of at least 20 inches or we would release the fish.

Gary and I took his younger son Sam Cassidy out to fish one of the days we were there and caught and released a number of 16-18 inch trout. That night after we came in, Sam said to his dad " I catch the biggest trout I've ever caught in my life, and you and Greg say nice fish Sam and throw it back" I guess we forgot to tell him about or size requirement. 

We look forward all year to our annual trip to Ross Lake the last week of July to be with good friends and family and enjoy all the things Ross Lake has to offer, and Tom and Carol and the rest of the Ross Lake Resorts crews, hospitality.

Regards  Greg & Selma Starkman

Thanks so much you guys we appreciate you sharing this story with all of us!

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