Monday, August 2, 2010

Hi Bro, Hey Sis - Meet the Cassidy's

Andy Cassidy has been coming to Ross Lake for 33 years of his young life.

A commercial fisherman by trade he spends part of the year salmon fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska and winters purse seining squid off the coast near Ventura, California.

So what does Andy do for vacation?  Well - he comes fishing up to Ross Lake Resort - of course.

I have a feeling he is very successful in his career choice. His Dad obviously taught him well both in commercial fishing and laying the foundation for his and Jessie's love of Ross Lake and the North Cascades.

This past week he caught the largest Wild Ross Lake Rainbow of the year.  We are hoping to get a photo of it in the next few days. Hint, hint.

Andy and Jessie Cassidy

Jessie as many of you know has worked at the resort since 1997.  She hasn't worked here for the last several years but Tom and Carol can always count on her to show up when they most need it - setting up the cabins in the spring, helping shut down the resort after Halloween, helping with organizing the housekeeping at the start of the season.

An avid swimmer and fitness buff Jessie loves to ply these beautiful waters by swimming long distances.

This past week she took off and swam from the resort up the Ruby Arm and later from Cougar Island over to Big Beaver!

Jessie also has information on that diabolical carved pumpkin discussed in earlier posts. But she won't give up any information on that ....  thing!  Hmmmmm............!

They rode out on the afternoon boat that we were on and it was obvious all of the Cassidy's knew the Ross Lake Tradition of helping the loading and unloading of the truck, trailer and Seattle City Light boat.  The load was smoooooth with all of the family taking the lead, getting everyone involved as a chain gang of luggage carriers.

Nice to meet the Cassidy's!

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