Wednesday, August 4, 2010

True Ross Lakers

Doug and Chuck True honor their Dad - Chuck True by hanging a beautiful wood burned plaque on the memorial wall at the resort.

Dad Chuck was a regular every year from 1955 until 1997.  He introduced Doug to these beautiful waters in 1959 and Chuck in 1963.

Grandpa Earl True was a logger in this valley before the dam was built.

Chuck and Doug,  thank you for sharing this emotional moment with me and allowing us to share it with so many others that love this area as much as your family.  We all understand and empathize with you on this moment in your lives.

We send our thoughts and regards to your Mom.

This was a wonderful way to honor the memory of your father.

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  1. No place in the world gets better than Ross Lake Resort!

    Thank you Tom! our family is proud to have our names forever at Ross.

    A True Ross Laker,

    Heather True


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