Friday, September 24, 2010

A Guys Guy - Doug Horton

all photos this post © Paul K. Anderson

Doug is a Ross Lake friend I enjoy seeing every September.  Excellent fly fisherman, fly-tier, flyfishing model, superb cook.

Doug comes up for a week and when he isn't out stalking the Wild Ross Lake Rainbow or tying his latest steelhead pattern preparing for his trip to B.C. you may find him cooking for Tom, Carol and the staff.

This night it was pot roast marinated in red wine and secret spices, seared with his special coating of flour and secret spices and then slow cooked in a mirepoix with tomatoes, the red wine marinade, garlic, pepper, some more red wine and maybe some red wine.

I heard a noise, looked and saw the mayor and his councilmen pressing their quivering noses against the window, standing in the rain holding up their Wild Ross Lake Rainbows and a bottle of red wine as an offering for a slice of the pot roast. (1 councilman even held up a sorry looking can of Bud Lite - ---    pffffttttt!) alright I used a little literary freedom here I guess  - but it could have happened!

Geeze guys cmon - show some dignity- try bribing with a bottle of single malt and maybe a bottle of truffle oil, or a thick slab of foie gras - Hey for that I'll at least introduce you to Doug and let the rest be up to you!

As Doug put the lid back on the dutch oven he looked over and said "Paul, you should have been there for the mayors party - it was a blast......"


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