Friday, September 24, 2010

HEEEY!! Whaddchaw Catch Those Fish With Buddy, U Can Tell Me!

Odin Barnett, son of Allison and Jerry Barnett, spent the summer on the boat dock cleaning, fueling, running canoes and boats up lake and learning the resort business from one of the best in the industry - his cousin Tom Barnett.

All these lures were left in the boats and fell out when Odin cleaned them. So, what are people using for lures?  Well, this is an unscientific sampling but it includes Bingo Bugs, Dick Nites, Needlefish, Rapalas, Buzz Bombs, Tomics and several other varieties.

All of you have kept Odin and his 11 year old brother Bode stocked with lures.  Thanks!

Bode is a fishing machine and has recently started using a fly rod!

I asked Odin if he had any tips for the guests?  "Nah, everyone is really cool. I guess if there was one thing I would say is that when they start up lake on that 1st boat ride they look out at those walls and just let their stress ooze away."

"They are on a vacation in a really beautiful and special place here on Ross Lake and in the North Cascades."

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