Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Andy Cassady

Want to meet a good fisherman?  Meet Andy!

Andy is a commercial fisherman I posted about when he was visiting Ross Lake Resort this past July.

He fishes in Alaskan waters commercially for salmon and off of the coast of California for squid.

On his time off he visits Ross and catches huge Wild Ross Lake Rainbows.

Andy fly fishes his own flies - a simulation of the red sided shiner.  He trolls them in shallow water very close to shore with line stripped almost all the way out.

He reminds me a bit of the character Gus Orviston in David James Duncan's book The River Why.

Andy's a guy I would like my 16 year old who is just learning to fish to follow for a day to pick up some of his skills but more importantly his passion for this wonderful sport of Angling.

photos this post courtesy of Ross Lake Resort

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