Monday, September 20, 2010

Teenager Dinking with the Old Man on Ruby Arm

'OK this trip up Ruby Arm is getting to me, I just can't sit here and do nothing on the ride back to the cabin, the girls are back at the cabin and I can't mess with them.  Dad's probably thinking about that problem for work.  How much scenery do we have to see? Is there any food left?  Bacon! Bacon I want Baaacccooonnn!!!!

"Hey look it's water, how cold is it, how wet is it, do we have any water balloons to throw at Mackenzie or Dana, can I catch a leaf, hey maybe I can catch a fish barehanded, whoa the Old Man just moved his leg! He's awake - a target"

"I feel better already - look the Old Man is bursting from ear to ear with a smile.What should I come up with to mess with those girls?"

"Food, food, I need fooooooooooood!"

"I gotta think up something - those girls have been sitting back at the cabin thinking about how they can mess with me this whole time, they don't know how smart I am. I am Austin Powers of the Ruby Arm! Girls liked him!"


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