Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Bruce

This is Bruce!  An excellent guy and a welding maniac.  Also a pipefitter, carpenter - you name it he can probably do it!

He came up for the weekend with another buddy to visit staff member Lucas (remember the blogpost about the glass blower on staff named Lucas?) and help out Tom on several tasks.

Lucas told Bruce and his buddy if they were coming up they had better cook a really fine meal for him.

Bruce was welding brackets and numerous other items - then he went out and finished building the new float.

Tom is extremely thankful for the help you gave.

I wish I could have stayed one more night because they are going to put on a feast for the staff up at the resort.  Prawns, huge sea scallops ........... doh!

Wait a minute?  They welded, built a float, then they are cooking a really great dinner and Tom is the guest of honor...........

Who was it that got everyone to paint the fence??? Tom Sawyer?  Tom Sawyer, Tom Barnett? WAIT A MINUTE!!!

This is starting to sound like a conspiracy!!!  Tom, Tom?

Oh by the way - Lucas can't eat shellfish.

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