Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Tom

Tom Barnett, owner of Ross Lake Resort - one of the hardest working, nicest guys I have ever met.

I have a hard time describing what he does because it is nonstop every time I see him.

Yesterday for example:

I hike in and he runs the boat over to pick me up.  We rush back so he can start planning wood, then he is running around getting parts, material and tools for everyone and he knows exactly where everything is.

He fixes one thing after another, finishes one job and is told the sink is backed up.  Works on that for a while then heads back to the wood shop.  On the way he picks up some cleaning solution and prepares the steel roof panels so they are ready for Adam and Mark Bloom who are installing the new roof on the gas shed.

Back to the wood shop to trim the sides of planks on the table. He rushes over to the outboard motor shop where Bruce is welding up brackets, back to the wood shop he starts putting together the new upholstery for one of the boats we all ride in.

Back to the kitchen with empty coffee cups we all left scattered around the docks.

All the while I'm asking him dumb questions.  He answers graciously.

Over to the big shed by boat to pick up wood, then cutting apart old planks.

Its non stop especially this time of year.

Carol in the meantime is answering phones non-stop, picking and ordering hats, shirts, jackets, wine glasses, cooking lunch for all of us knuckleheads, preparing reservations, mailings, helping Bailey setup the laundry room, answering my dumb questions - graciously!

Tom - a plumber, mechanic,  carpenter, upholsterer, electrician, woodwork, welder, manager, owner, worker bee - nonstop. Phew!

After all this - he cooks dinner for all of us as thanks.

Tenderloin steaks, fresh crab, cheese, potatoes, asparagus - steak oscar! All the while serving us fine wine, excellent whiskey.  After dinner it's story time, jokes, laughter.

He and Carol are gracious hosts. They are thankful for their friends - and we know that.

And that's why he has so many decades long friends who want to hang out with him, do a little work, drink a little wine, and share a fine meal.

That is also one reason why so many of his guests keep coming back 10, 20, 30 years and more.

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