Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winter Hibernation

Shortly after Halloween, when the resort is closed for the winter, the staff move the cabins and buildings out to the log boom, winterize the resort and hunker down to await the inevitable storms.

After this last burst of activity everyone can catch up on some well needed rest, go on their vacations and then slowly begin the process of preparing for the next summer opening.

It begins a period that is almost like hibernation, the pace slows, phones ring less, everyone lingers longer over that hot cup of coffee.

Ross Lake Resort follows a process that is typical to seasonal resorts around the world - except that everything is self contained on floating rafts.

After the holidays, the pace begins to quicken again as furniture is refinished, several new boats are built, and decking planks are replaced.

In April as the weather begins to warm with sunnier longer days, major outdoor projects start.

In May activity dramatically increases and the resort is returned to the summer location and work is non-stop until early November.

Here are some images of the resort in the winter location.

all photos ©Paul K Anderson

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