Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Listing on TomsList

The agent for Tombio Barnettii, has just announced the offer to sell a major piece of art by this recently discovered, exciting artist.

Mr. Barnettii, head of the Pickett Range Collective of Individualistic Abstract Environmental Impactionistic Modern Art, has recently completed and unveiled his latest creation titled Pancaked in Blue.

Tombio Barnettii's mixed media, wall hanging sculpture is a fusion of steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, chrome, rubber, fir, and particularly nice gneiss from the Skagit pluton.

"It is an amalgamation of all I stand for - technology vs tradition, the force of nature battling the hand of man, the now vs the perpetuality and duality of the everlasting," said Mr.Barnettii.

It measures approximately 19 feet long, 8 feet wide, and about 2 feet thick. Weight is estimated at 4000 pounds.

Asking price $197,000.00

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